Our core values

Our core values and what we stand for:

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To provide a central organisation and platform for all SIBA members in order that their collective individual voices be beard in the wider business community and regulatory bodies In Singapore and beyond.


To enhance the interests of all SIBA members in promoting the importance of the advice and expertise offered by the independent intermediary in the sale and purchase of insurance and/or alternative risk solutions.

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To promote the general efficiency and professional conduct of all SIBA members that they may be able to play their role in the marketplace as responsible, qualified and trustworthy practitioners who can be relied upon at all times.


To encourage the training and education of all men and women practising or intending to practise the business of insurance broking in the Republic of Singapore.


To propose, establish, implement and enforce any rules, regulations, bye-laws, professional standards and codes of conduct for the promotion and safeguard of the interests of the publics, SIBA member, and the wide, insurance community in Singapore.


To roster friendly links, exchanges and dialogue with similar organisations to SIBA in the international insurance community for the benefit or mutual advancement and friendship.